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Sure, it’s an arguable statement. But we do believe the furniture we design, craft and build is the world’s finest live edge slab furniture.

We start with sustainable forests. Every tree we harvest means 3 trees are planted. We never take at a greater rate than what is growing. When you deal with a properly managed forest, it will last in perpetuity.  Forever.  Some people ask us if our furniture contributes to deforestation or global warming.  The simple answer is no. What makes the difference between deforestation and operating a sustainable forest? Deforestation happens when you take trees that are slow growers. It happens when you over harvest, take and do not replant in a responsible manner.  We have taken an oath to never use wood that is not from a sustainable forest. Our rare and exotic wood that is not available from sustainable forests because it grows too slowly is taken only from naturally fallen trees.

Next, we employ many people in regions where food and money is scarce. We provide good, livable wages through jobs that make a difference. For many artisans, woodworking is their passion, it’s a family tradition and it has become their purpose. For some, watching a wood log turn into dozens of lasting pieces of furniture is what makes them tick. It’s why they get up in the morning and it’s what puts a smile on their face. Some of our workers are the happiest people you will ever meet.

And finally, we strive to use the most ecologically sound finishes including low VOC oils and eco-poxy, an environmentally friendlier epoxy resin.  We want our furniture to last a lifetime, but we don’t want to damage the environment while we’re doing it.

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